Laraine Kaizer Oil paintings

Welcome to the graveyard of my work, most of my work didn't sell, I ended up giving it all away, (for free or almost nothing), to friends, charities and folks who really fell in love with one piece or another. I'm extremely grateful for my friends who accepted my work into their homes where they will be loved and appreciated. However: Please, Please! support your local artists-buy their art! Thank you to my patrons mostly in Phoenix AZ. I'm sorry I couldn't afford to just mail you guys everything I had left. There are a few pieces available for sale in Peoria IL and in Finland.

Now I will try to create more strange little children.

Realism, Portrais, Reproductions


Abstract, Fauve, Abstractionist 

Laraine Kaizer, musician based in Las Vegas began to pursue her passion for painting in 2004, still a musician by trade, she finds time to create original works of art in Las Vegas Nevada, oil paintings, realistic, abstract, and surreal.